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Shaker Cabinet Doors (Refacing And IKEA Cabinets)


Shaker cabinet doors are a popular choice for both traditional and modern kitchen designs. They are known for their simple, clean lines and practicality.

One of the main features of shaker cabinet doors is their distinct frame-and-panel design. The door consists of a frame made up of four pieces of wood, with a panel inset in the middle. The panel can be made of wood or another material, such as MDF or glass. This design gives shaker doors a sturdy and durable feel, while also allowing for some flexibility in terms of style.

One of the reasons shaker cabinet doors are so popular is because of their versatility. They can be painted or stained to match any kitchen colour scheme, and they work well with a variety of handle and knob styles. Shaker doors can also be dressed up with additional trim or molding, giving them a more traditional or decorative look.

If you have IKEA cabinets and are looking to update the look of your kitchen, one option is to reface the cabinets with new doors. This process involves replacing the existing doors with new ones, while leaving the cabinet boxes in place. This can be a more cost-effective way to give your kitchen a fresh new look, and it can also be a good option if your cabinet boxes are still in good condition.

Allstyle Retrofit offers several options of colours and styles, including several shaker doors, that can be fitted to IKEA cabinets. This is a great option if you want to achieve a specific look or if you have non-standard size cabinets. Simply measure your cabinet openings and order doors that will fit properly. You may need to do some minor adjusting to get the doors to fit perfectly, but this is a fairly straightforward process.

Shaker cabinet doors are a classic choice for any kitchen. They offer a timeless look, practical function, and endless styling options. If you have IKEA cabinets and want to update the look of your kitchen, consider Allstyle Retrofit and new shaker style doors. This is an economical way to give your kitchen a fresh new look, while keeping the functionality and durability of your existing cabinets.


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