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We specializes in IKEA kitchen cabinet retrofitting, and can help you get the custom IKEA kitchen of your dreams.

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I want my upper doors to be glossy white, and the lowers to be a grey/dark blue color. Can you do that?

Yes, we can paint two different colors on a project. Regarding the gloss: The higher the gloss, the more difficult and costly it is to manufacture. Higher gloss requires more care and maintenance as it amplifies dirt, fingerprints, smudges, or surface defects such as dings and scratches. Our normal recommended sheen is 20%. We offer an enhanced 35% sheen on both light or dark color paints at a nominal up-charge. We offer a 50% sheen only on light color paint at a nominal up-charge. We do not paint beyond 50% sheen. If your requirement is beyond 50% sheen, we recommend switching to a slab door style. The slab door can be made from a durable laminate (PET) that provides a very uniform gloss finish which is easier to maintain than high gloss paint.


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