Are IKEA kitchens long-lasting?

The IKEA kitchen system is strong, fashionable, and efficient. I’ve never experienced any sagging, warping, or closing drawers or hinge problems.

Are IKEA kitchen cabinets standard size?

You can select from a variety of base and wall cabinet widths and depths when using an Ikea cabinet system. Since the dimensions are standard, they should be fairly close to your kitchen.

Do your doors only fit IKEA cabinets?

We are a custom door manufacturer and can size our doors to fit any cabinet system. If you are using IKEA’s cabinets, then we know exactly how to size and drill for hinges or drawer mounting. Alternatively, if you would like to use our doors on cabinets made by another manufacturer, or custom-made cabinets, you […]

Can you provide toekicks to match Akurum cabinets from Ikea?

No – We do not match or copy any of the IKEA parts (new or old). We provide our own product offerings of doors and drawer fronts that retrofit onto IKEA’s cabinet system. Although some of our door styles are similar in design, we do not suggest mixing them with installed IKEA products as it […]

Can you match IKEA colours?

No, we cannot. There are too many variables to ensure an exact match of IKEA’s colours. If a close match is acceptable, we can do that. Otherwise, we suggest using a complementary color for additions.

Can you match IKEA doors?

No, we cannot. If your IKEA door style is currently in production, go to IKEA. If your style is discontinued, then we recommend considering changing out a section of the kitchen with a complimentary style. Fortunately, two-color kitchens and kitchens with two styles or doors are in trend, and the trend is growing.