Can I order one door to match my other Ikea doors?

Some of our door styles may be similar in design, however we do not suggest mixing them with current IKEA product as it will result in an undesirable match. We recommend replacing all the fronts with a new style or colour so you have a consistent look throughout. Alternatively, you could change out a few […]

Do you offer glass doors?

We do.  We offer glass doors with mullions and without.  You have the choice of clear glass or frosted glass.

Why are IKEA cabinets not all time successfully fixed in place?

Unfortunately, the IKEA modular cabinet solution only works for some kitchen layouts. To satisfy these requirements, we have developed a solution. If you need components made to your exact measurements, have one of the IKEA cabinets customized, or have it trimmed to size, we can help.

What distinguishes a cupboard from a cabinet? Does IKEA offer cupboards?

A cabinet is different from a cupboard in that a cabinet is often built into a wall and used in a kitchen or pantry, whereas a cupboard might be a freestanding item. Both are utilized to store food. Yes, IKEA offers a wide selection of cabinets and cupboards; you may provide your valued items with […]