How can you help me with the inner drawer?

The Retrofit option we offer takes care of the visible parts, but we also have a solution for the drawers that is more modern. Beautiful solid wood drawer boxes in the same configurations as IKEA’s drawer fronts are now available.

What is the edge band of a natural veneer?

These sturdy wooden doors have an edge band that is 1.5 millimetres thick and made of solid wood. You may have it unpainted or with a clear coat of high-quality, long-lasting lacquer.

How many options do you have for slab doors?

Due to the versatility of these possibilities, you will have the opportunity to combine different colours, patterns, and wood textures to create the look that best suits your vision.

Are the shaker doors made of solid wood?

It all depends upon your budget. You can choose from a wide range of shaker-style doors, from cheap ones with a hollow core to more expensive ones made of solid wood.