How should I look after my doors?

Clean your cabinets with a moist cloth and non-abrasive soap, then quickly pat them dry. On cabinet surfaces, never allow any water to stand. Mineral spirits and orange oil/wax are also helpful as well, but please use them with caution.

What are solid and MDF doors?

The 5-piece construction makes up a solid wood door. Usually, a durable lacquer or oil is applied to them to offer strength, protection, and a stylish finish. The Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) door, on the other hand, is created from recyclable wood fibres. It is manufactured, machine-dried, and pressed to create thick sheets that are subsequently fabricated […]

Damage to Doors

Nothing is more frustrating for us than investing a great deal of time and care into producing, inspecting, and packaging your order only to find handling or transportation damage when you unbox it. Please unpackage and inspect your order for accuracy and any damage that may have occurred en route. Document anything you find with […]