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Laminate Shaker – Alpha Rhapsody KA585 – Shaker Door Sample – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet


Rhapsody KA585 is available in the Laminate Alpha Rhapsody Shaker Door series.

This door’s colour code is KA585.

The door measures 3/4″ thick.


Laminate Alpha Rhapsody Shaker Door – To complement the design of your kitchen, the Alpha series provides a variety of narrow shaker doors in different colours. For those looking for a traditional kitchen aesthetic, the Rhapsody KA585 narrow shaker door is a great option. This door has a thickness of 3/4″ and is made of premium wood with a simple, classic shaker design. The KA585 slim shaker door offers a cost-effective solution for kitchen remodelling that won’t break the budget. The Rhapsody KA585 door from the Laminate Shaker Doors – Alpha line will spruce up your kitchen with its elegance and charm.