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About Us
We specializes in IKEA kitchen cabinet retrofitting, and can help you get the custom IKEA kitchen of your dreams.

Slim Shaker Door – Sheer Beauty KA581 – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet


Introducing the Slim Shaker Door – Sheer Beauty KA581: a stunning and elegant choice for your space. This door belongs to the Tafisa Gamma series, known for its quality craftsmanship. With a door thickness of 3/4″, it offers durability and a substantial feel. The KA581 colour code adds a touch of sheer beauty and sophistication to any room.

Elevate your interior with the Slim Shaker Door – Sheer Beauty KA581.


A wonderful complement to any kitchen is the Sheer Beauty Slim Shaker Door series. The doors are built of premium materials and are 3/4″ thick, guaranteeing their durability and enduring beauty. The shaker design offers a timeless appearance, and the KA581 colour scheme gives your kitchen a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The Tafisa Gamma shaker sheer beauty door series is a reliable option whether you’re thinking about remodelling your entire kitchen or just your cabinetry.