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Textured Laminate Door – Natural Bardolino Oak – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet Door Sample


Natural Bardolino Oak has a rough-sawn character for a natural, handcrafted appearance

ST10 Deepskin Rough texture enhances the rustic appeal

A natural colour palette coordinates nicely with neutrals like beige and grey and brown, as well as brighter accent colours.


The Natural Bardolino Oak Textured Laminate door is perfect for those who prefer a natural, rustic look for their kitchen cabinets. Compared to standard oak, this décor variant seems more natural and artisanal because to its rough-sawn aspect. The ST10 Deepskin Rough texture gives the door a genuine wood appearance and feel, adding to its already strong rustic charm.

The natural color scheme of the Natural Bardolino Oak door fits well with beige, grey, and brown, and also works well with colored accents. Many contemporary kitchens have a mix of white and light wood to create a minimalist and elegant space. The natural oak color scheme can also be used to create contrast with darker cabinets or flooring. The Natural Bardolino Oak door is a great choice for those who want a warm, welcoming, and natural look for their kitchen cabinets.