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Textured Laminate – Egger – Grey-Beige Tossini Elm – Slab Door Sample – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet


Introducing the Grey Beige Tossini Elm Textured Laminate Door: a perfect blend of elegance and durability for any kitchen. Crafted with high-performance Italian melamine laminate, these slab doors beautifully replicate woodgrain designs with expert embossing. The grey-beige Tossini Elm decor offers an exquisite and organic woodgrain structure, complemented by a pearlescent base for added depth. With its ST33 Feelwood Crafted texture and extra-large pattern repeat, this door captures the authenticity and natural beauty of wood.

Elevate your kitchen with the timeless elegance and tactile accents of the Grey Beige Tossini Elm Textured Laminate Door.


Textured Laminate Egger Grey-Beige Tossini Elm Slab Door – Made from high-performance Italian “textured” melamine laminate, these textured laminate Egger slab doors have woodgrain designs. A remarkable degree of realism in the wood appearance is achieved by expertly embossing the laminate in line with the grain. To provide a variety of design alternatives, the doors and panels can be made to order with the grain running either vertically or horizontally. The surround of the door is finished with a sturdy matching edge band to give it a polished appearance. A great option for any kitchen, this amazing product hits the ideal combination between beauty and toughness. Adding a sense of elegance to any kitchen decor is the Textured Laminate Egger Grey Beige Tossini Elm Slab Door.

For those who love the growing popularity of elm in furniture design, the grey-beige Tossini Elm décor species is the perfect option. A pearlescent base that gives the pattern depth complements the decor’s exquisite and organic woodgrain structure. The décor is a fantastic option for contemporary designs and a variety of applications because of its adaptable colour play, which enables seamless pairing with a wide range of solid colours.

The embossed-in-register ST33 Feelwood Crafted texture is one of the Grey-beige Tossini Elm’s distinctive qualities. Because of its deep-brushed appearance and matte wood pores, which add to the decor’s tactile appeal, this texture brings out the design’s authenticity. In addition, the extra large pattern repeat (XL-Repeat) guarantees that the décor keeps its genuine appearance even on sizable surfaces, faithfully recreating the natural look and feel of wood.

The Grey-beige Tossini Elm is a wonderful option whether you’re looking for a décor for small accent pieces or large surface applications. With its stunning natural woodgrain structure, adaptable colour play, and tactile accents, it is the ideal choice for modern designs, bringing sophistication and elegance to any setting.