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Introducing an Exquisite Collaboration

Sarah Richardson-for-Allstyle Retrofit

We are extremely proud to be partnering with Sarah Richardson as she brings her stylish and curated vison to update and redefine custom cabinetry in a way only Sarah Richardson Designs can do. Sarah's design expertise and Allstyle Retrofit's manufacturing quality will offer a range of stylish cabinet doors, enhancing the elegance of your interiors.

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Where do I START?

Lucky for you this is pretty easy, you can go about this one of 2 ways:

Option 1:

  • First Measure your space, don’t forget to locate important details that are difficult to move; like windows, doors, sinks or a stove if necessary.
  • Log onto the IKEA design portal
  • Create your room, then drag cabinets to where you want to locate them. Important to note- save your plan.
  • Choose from our SR curated selection, both a door style and colour for that complete look.

Option 2: ( if your project is in our area)

  • Measure your space, and lay it out and we can work with you to create complete custom project solution.

How Does It Work?

At Allstyle Retrofit we offer customers the chance to upgrade IKEA kitchen components with fresh and exciting new fronts from the SRD collection.

Customers can plan their kitchen through the IKEA design software- upload through this simple portal and one of our team will walk you through the styles, materials and colours you need to take your IKEA kitchen to the next level.

Customers can also plan their dream closet through the PAX designer and we can front those as well! Bathroom vanities are also something we do- but we recommend the SEKTON cabinets as a base.

Experience the Elegance

We invite you to explore the Sarah Richardson-for-Allstyle Retrofit collection and discover how these exquisitely designed cabinet doors can transform your living spaces. With endless possibilities for customization and a commitment to sustainability, this collaboration embodies the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

Get the Most Out of Your Kitchen Remodelling Projects. Endless Options For Your Dream Kitchen

Join Us in Celebrating This Remarkable Partnership

As we embark on this exciting journey with Sarah Richardson, we look forward to sharing this extraordinary collection with you. Join us in celebrating the fusion of design and craftsmanship that has culminated in a collection of cabinet doors that redefine excellence.


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