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Why Should Toe-Kick Drawers Be Avoided In IKEA Kitchens?


IKEA makes it simple to utilize portions of your kitchen that might otherwise go unused. Knowing how to make the most of your space is essential to kitchen design.

One of the most recent and well-liked IKEA design ideas is toe-kick drawers. But is this hack worth the trouble when it comes to increasing your storage space?

This article will explore why these should be avoided in IKEA kitchens and suggest some alternative storage options.

When planning your kitchen, it’s important to choose cabinets that will work for your needs. One type of cabinet you may want to avoid is the toe-kick drawer. Toe-kick drawers are those that sit at the base of your kitchen cabinets, and they can be a source of frustration.

You Shouldn’t Always Include a Toe-Kick Drawer in Your IKEA Kitchen:

Toe-kick drawers are promoted as a practical solution to improve storage in your kitchen. However, if you decide you want IKEA cabinets, you will need to do more extensive hacking than any IKEA planner could assist you with.

By “extensive” hacking, what do we mean?

It involves more than merely adding drawers beneath your current cabinets.

First, building a 5″ platform for your base is necessary because cabinet legs won’t work with this hack.

The platform must then be divided so that each cabinet has a separate box for the toe-kick drawer.

For instance, to make room for a 24″, 30″, and another 24,” you would need to install a partition at the end of each 24″, 30″, and 24″ broad base cabinet.

Even though the cabinets themselves won’t need to be changed, this is still a lot of work for a few tiny drawers that will only provide you with 4″ of storage.

Drawbacks Of Using Plinth Drawers in Your IKEA Kitchen:

Your cabinets will be raised an additional inch by the customized platform. For those of you who are on the shorter side, an inch may seem like a negligible difference to some, but it can make your kitchen a nightmare.

Do the movable legs on your under-cabinet appliances allow for this extra inch? Some of them don’t.

Particularly in humid regions, the close proximity of the drawers to the ground makes them an attractive hiding place for any pests that have managed to enter your home. Additionally, you face the danger of losing the stuff you’ve placed there due to bad weather if you live in a beach house or a flood-prone area.

Your cabinets’ post-hack durability will depend on how effectively they are assembled and installed. This project is not for amateur or infrequent DIY hackers! Leave it to a knowledgeable installer or contractor with extensive IKEA cabinet experience.

The decision? By using this toe-drawers hack, you do it at your own risk.

To Summarize:

Here are three reasons why you should avoid toe-kick drawers in your IKEA kitchen:

First, they can be challenging to open. If you have kitchen cabinets with doors that swing open, you know there’s always a risk of hitting your toe on the door. With toe-kick drawers, that risk is even higher. The last thing you want is to be constantly banging your toes every time you go to open a drawer.

Second, they can be a dust collector. Because they sit at the base of your cabinets, toe-kick drawers are more likely to collect dust and dirt. Over time, this can make your kitchen look messy and can even lead to problems with allergies or respiratory issues.

Third, they can be a waste of space. Toe-kick drawers are often shallow, so you may not be able to fit much into them. If you’re working with limited kitchen space, choosing cabinets that make better use of the available space is better.

For these reasons, it’s best to avoid toe-kick drawers when planning your IKEA kitchen. Choose a cabinet style that will work better for your needs and help keep your kitchen looking neat and tidy.

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