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We specializes in IKEA kitchen cabinet retrofitting, and can help you get the custom IKEA kitchen of your dreams.

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Supermatte – Slate Gray 425 – Slab Door Sample – Allstyle Kitchen Cabinet


Our Supermatte Slate Gray Slab Door will make a striking statement in your kitchen. The non-glossy texture of these doors highlights the dark, dramatic hue of slate gray, giving them a stunning, modern appearance. These doors convey a feeling of modern elegance and versatility, enabling you to create a streamlined and well-coordinated kitchen design, whether they are used for kitchen cabinets or as a component of an IKEA kitchen island.

Our fully finished 10″x10″ sample door lets you see the beauty up close.


Supermatte Slate Gray Slab Door is designed exclusively for modern kitchens. The non-glossy finish is purposefully textured to produce texture variances, providing a distinctive visual appeal. The matte finish highlights the contrast when combined with a high gloss surface, producing an arresting visual impression. In order to ensure a unified and tasteful appearance in your kitchen, our collection of Supermatte colours is carefully designed to compliment our high gloss colour range.

In order to maintain a spotless and streak-free appearance, we advise using a microfiber cloth and a glass spray cleaner.

Our Supermatte slab doors are expertly crafted with a striking matte finish that instantly breathes new life into your kitchen. Slab doors from Allstyle Retrofit are the ideal option if you want to update existing cabinets or entirely change the appearance of your kitchen. Our slab doors give your kitchen a modern, trendy boost with their clean lines and attractive design. Installation is simple, so you may use your new kitchen right away. Thanks to their robust thermofoil coating, the Supermatte slab doors exhibit ageless beauty, and you may easily get sample doors online.